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Lash extensions are light weight, waterproof, and will last indefinitely with regular touch ups. They give you longer, curlier, thicker lashes without wearing mascara and they are so light weight that you won’t even feel them!

Lash Me Up has the most comprehensive selection of lash lengths, curls, and thicknesses available for volume, classic, and hybrid sets. And we use Elleebana Lash Lift Solution and Refoctocil tints for our lash enhancemants because only the best will do. 

At Lash Me Up we hand make all of our volume fans. By doing this, it allows us to create a strong, wrap around bond with your natural lash (NL), which is much stronger than simply placing a pre-made fan on top of your NL. Hand making our volume fans also allows us to create a custom volume look for you while minimizing the amount of adhesive used on the extensions. This is much safer for the health of your NL and the longevity of your extensions, which is our priority.

Enhance your natural beauty with eyelash extensions, lash lifts and eyelash tinting from Lash Me Up.


"So I went to MAC downtown to have my makeup done a few days after having my lashes done by Lise Pelletier Smith, and the girls there thought my extensions were my real lashes. They see so many lashes there and were extremely impressed by the quality of mine. 

Thanks Lise!!"

Naomi F, Mission

“Lash Me Up is the Holt Renfrew of lash extensions!”

Allison M, Vancouver


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